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    Halloween weekend!!

    • Publisert 29.10.2012 klokka 02:30
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    We went to a couple of Halloween stores to find comstumes for the Halloween Party

    Swedish Beatrice

    She bought this one!



    Henrik, Caroline & Hanne

    Kine and me.

    Kine, Henrik and I. ( I don't get people that think it is comfertable to walk in the outfit I tried on..)

    Beatrice, Thea & Per M.

    It is seriously puppy stores here. (This is in the mall)

    Soooo cute!! I feel so bad that they are kept in this horrible place


    Pretty much all CLU's norwegian people plus some international and American students were at the party. Max's good friend Fredrik came and I had a really good time. Definitly a night to remember.

    Norwegian Joakim and Simen and American Travis.

    And again

    Kine in the front and us in the back

    Per and the girls

    Thea and I

    laughing (:

    The Norwegian girls and Swedish Beatrice

    Andy, Henrik and Raymond.

    Joakim, Per and Lille Per

    Max's good friend, Fredrik

    Fredrik and me again.



    Anne & Fredrik (and a ghost)

    Per and two Americans

    oh hello, Henrik!

    Me, Anniken and Henrik

    Me, Anniken and Joddeleik Henrik.

    Kine, Anniken and Henrik

    Stine and Tora dancing and Anne watching

    Me, Pia, Tora, Stine and Anniken

    Sindre and Anne: Most adorable couple!

    - A picture says more than a thousand words, so I just gave you a whole lot of pictures to explain the night instead of writing it all.

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