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    Here is my first weeks in some mobile-pictures!!

    Da Hanne og jeg landet. Slitene fant vi en shuffle og starter siste del av reisen til Thousand Oaks.

    My first pictures of campus the first day living at Cal Lu! (This is my dorm, pool outside of my dorm, beach volley and my student ID)

    First day laying by the pool! Per, Per and Theodore joined us and we met Aleks, Bernie and Jessica.

    Back to washing my own clothes again.

    Second day by the pool with Swedish Aleks & Jessica.

    Hanne & I at the first International dinner! This is the dinner where we met Thea and Henrik for the first time.

    First shopping trip to Target!! Henrik got the most stuff of us all! Thea is in the backround watching the whole thing!!

    MMS from Max. Looks like he is tired on his way to Ikea..

    Lise has arrived and here we are at our first International meeting.

    After the meeting we got divided into groups, and all groups took a picture by this statue.
    (Me, Thea and Jessica in the back)

    Stine's new door to her appartment.

    MMS FROM MAX: He is happy about his new bed and new room-mate (Hoa) in it.

    First trip to the food-courts at the Oaks Mall with part of our new group of friends.

    (Bernie from Austria and Norwegian Henrik)

    Group is growing. Caroline has now arrived and Swedish Beatrice as well.

    Orientation, lets go!

    Outside of Centrum Cafe on the first Orientation day.

    On the way to transfer-student dinner and fun in the gym!

    In the Gym. Henrik is having fun ;)

    lots of people

    Theodor, Per, Per and some others' first trip trip to Travis!

    First Norwegian Dinner with both new-norwegians and old ones!!

    First soccer game and Hanne's sister Marie came with.

    Hanne & I at a club orientation thing!

    Norwegian Andrea, President of the club "United Students of the World" in our school.

    Us again + Bernie!

    Beatrice, Thea and the sweetest Egyptian girl that we got to know, Patricia!

    Hanne & I on the road from Santa Monica

    MMS FROM MAX : He got a new bike (that already got stolen..)

    MMS FROM MAX : Magnus is finally moving in!!

    Met up with my best friends Ben & Jerry's!

    I just had to...

    Santa Monica with Fredrik Aspestrand and Max

    Max Saturday morning!

    When the people I was riding with to Malibu too the wrong way to Malibu and we pretty much ended up in Ventura. Thank God for iPhones!! (Thousand Oaks is close to Malibu)

    Finally at Malibu and back with Max again!

    Max doing homework by the pool on Sunday morning!

    Up in the mountains by the Hollywood sign!

    Danaella and me in Hollywood

    Michael Jackson's star!! Hollywood was nothing like I thought it would be like..

    Henrik & I joined a theatre make-up class as our art class yesterday!!

    I guess I am back on track now!! I don't really have time to write much, and as for now I am about to go to the pool since I don't have classes on Fridays.

    Have a great day everybody, that was all for now (:

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    14.09.2012 kl.20:37

    S flink du er til blogge!! da er det lettere for meg flge med p alt det spennende du gjr i La fra regnfulle Trondheim. Ser ut som du har det helt fantastisk, og da blir jeg veldig glad! <3

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