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    Hell yes! SNOW DAY!

    • Publisert 12.02.2010 klokka 23:19
    • Kategori: Blogg
    Today has been a good day! We got out of school an hour early because its started snowing like crazyyy! As soon as we got out of school everyone started a snow ball fight. There was so much snow. A-lot of people stayed like for 30 minutes having a snow ball fight. I kept getting nailed in the face! By the end of it my whole body felt numb! Then me, Linn, and Jack all went to star-bucks and got mocha frapps, which was very stupid because we were even more cold!!! On the way to Jack's we were blasting out to "Bad Romance" and other amazing songs!!! We finally got to Jack's house and we just chilled. We didn't get to stay long though): because my mom got mad and started bitchin, even though Linn and I told her we were going to Jack's. But we still had fun. The snow is like 4 inches now and growing. Its sooo freakin cold but me and Linn still wanna go out and take hella pictures. And do something fun! Possibly a movie night(; or make a fire and roast marshmallows!!! Ahhh so happy that today has been fun and it's only 5. We still have so much more time to do crazy things. Thats how we americans role(; lmao. Well I have to go corrupt Linn now! See ya!!! l0l
    SNOW BALL FIGHT!!! Jacks in there! In the gray sweatshirt with the khakis.

    Thats me! (Georgia K. aka GK!)


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